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Video Tips Using 100% Free Software
Have you seen videos online that you want to share with folks that don't have the internet?
Below are a few ways we here at AustraliaMatters grab (non copyright, cough cough) videos from the internet.

Minimum computer recommend for these tips (Some slower systems may still work)
  • Minimum 500mhz CPU (computer brain) and 512 memory
  • DVD or CD burner
  • For DVD's 5gig of temporary free harddrive space ~ For CD's 1gig of temporary harddrive space

Tip 1: Get a free copy of the internet web browser called FIREFOX click here
(You shouldn't be using that Billy Gates "Internet Exploder" Microsoft rubbish anyway. Sorry Billy, but we know what your father is into..cough cough, eugenics.)

Tip 2: Once you have FIREFOX installed, install the free plugin called "Downloadhelper" click here

Once 'Downloadhelper' is installed most sites you visit that have videos "embedded" in them like YOUTUBE, Google and ours like the example below from YOUTUBE etc, will be detected by "Downloadhelper". Three clicks of the mouse later and your able to grab copies to your computer. Read the install/use tips here

Converting Google YOUTUBE videos to DVD/CD
A free program that can be used in either Windows or Linux called "DeVeDe".. We like DeVeDe because its' free and it accepts YOUTUBE and Google videos known as a "flash video" .flv without any mucking around. Windows users click here (Linux users will probably have DeVeDe available in their distribution software manager, if not click here

(For Windows we like the popular Nero software as well, but it doesn't let us "import"
the "flash video" .flv into their free version.)

The above DeVeDe video tips work on Windows and Linux. (But the guy in this clip is using Linux)

  • When it gets to the part (55 seconds) about "PAL" or "NTSC" pick the PAL setting for Australia
  • The guy saves his finished results on his computer (before going onto the cd/dvd) as an "ISO file". If you have Nero burning software it burns ISO files onto cd/dvd no worries. If you need free ISO burning software for Windows the click here Linux users should already have ISO burning software built in but if not click here)

Pazera Video Converter Suite If you just want to grab some videos from online to play on your phone, Sony game box etc run through tips 1 and 2 then grab a copy of this free program we use to convert YOUTUBE and Google videos for the home page of for downloading. Pazera Video Converter Suite