Posted July 24, 2007
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Howard: International Oil Thief
Posted July 10, 2007
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March 2003 PM John Howard told Australia that the "preemptive" invasion of Iraq was all about WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and had nothing to do with the Iraqi "oil"! In 2007 Mr. flip flop "never never GST" Howard NOW ADMITS our Australian involvement in Iraq is about the oil! That makes him an accomplice to the murder of 655,000+ innocent people and a theft.

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Oil was the reason to invade Iraq - Iraq was pumping out too much, too CHEAP - So PM Howard and his foreign handlers had to go in and turn the Iraq oil pumps off! If you think that's bull, go for a drive down to your local service station and compare the prices of fuel today compared to what it was BEFORE going into Iraq in 2003! Saddam is gone, the illegally occupying forces are in, yet the oil prices are still post 2003 prices! Click here to learn why!

Iraqi Trivia: Iraq is the same place that used to be called 'Babylon' Do those pinching that land today in the name of "bringing democracy to Iraq" have a special love affair of the old world order called 'Babylon' and all the sins that city used to nurture? Rev. 18:1-5 is an interesting read Mr Howard!

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