Posted May 26, 2008
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Ear wax Rudd and his Iranian misquote
Before and after becoming Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd keeps misquoting the Iranian President over what was supposedly said about Israel.

Setting Rudd's record straight, we present below Ray McGovern, former 27 year senior CIA advisor to U.S. Presidents Reagan and G.H Bush to help clear up Kevin's "wipe Israel off the map" misquote.

Kevin Rudd Mid Day Wax Snacking

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Ears full of wax..
..or bad Intel?
May 23, 2008 (mp3 download)
Former CIA Ray McGovern
clearing up Rudd's misquote

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Former ONA Intelligence agent Andrew Wilkie Before PM Kevin Rudd signs Australia up for another illegal FOREIGN war, we recommend that he calls up former ONA Intelligence agent Andrew Wilkie, and BEGS HIM to return to his job with a promotion and huge pay rise. Wilkie quit the ONA in 2003 after he tried to tell "new international order" Howard that Iraq had no WMD - Wilkie was right >> No WMD after 2003 >>
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

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Ray McGovern explains how the Vietnam "war" started
U.S. President Johnson LIED about the official trigger for the "Vietnam war" that later killed 1.5 million+ Vietnamese, 58,000+ Americans, and 521+ Australians.

Kevin, read up on this free ebook "War is a Racket" by US General Smedley Butler and learn about whom you will "war" for.




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