Posted June 27, 2007
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Australian Veteran's Benefit Cuts: Hypocrite Howard Striking Again?

The Howard secret government gave themselves a pay rise this month while apparently planning on cutting back on Australian Veteran's benefits.

The Veterans Pay Cut...

Now this story back in 2004, was a "real" embarrassment for the Government, over which people may well go to jail. Cabinet's $500 million Rebuff Revealed Michael Harvey and Gerard McManus The full extent of a $500 million rebuff [CUT] to war veterans by the Howard government is revealed in secret documents seen by the Herald Sun.
Media Watch, Ep20, 18 July 2005

The Politicians Pay Rise...

Politicians worth the price, says Howard: THE Prime Minister, John Howard, has defended a 6.8 per cent pay rise for federal politicians, saying it would still leave MPs paid less than people with similar responsibilities in the private sector......The decision will increase the base salary for a backbencher from $118,950 to $127,060 from next month and lift Mr Howard's salary from $309,270 to $330,356. Mr Howard said increases for politicians were never popular.
Source Sydney Morning Herald

Unconstitutional Unaccountable Secret Government...

…I think it is worthwhile preserving the principle that a government does have a right in the public interest of conducting some confidential discussion. John Howard, 3AW, 26 August 200 Source


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