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December 01, 2008
Rod Freeman
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Non-elect Sugar Sweet Victory Over the Queensland People

Ms. Anna Bligh
non-elect "Ms" Bligh (aka Mrs Withers)

Non-elect intern Anna Bligh successfully implements mass medication portfolio through out Queensland, Australia without consent from the voting public.

Why doesn't government ever stick it to the sugar food industries to pay a tooth tax for hospital dental care funding? Sugar products are the prime causes of cavities. England is putting fluoride into (as well as water) the last place you'd expect children to get dental cavities, their milk. Why not put fluoride in the sugar foods like Coke instead? We've been looking at photos of folks around the world, before and after, they became victims of the holy (holey) sugar industry.

Great-great-great grand daughter of the infamous Captain William Bligh whom stuck it to his ships crew enough to warrant them to 'mutiny on the Bounty', has succeed where all her elected male Fabian Labor counter parts have failed ~ Ms. Anna Bligh (Labor) takes our yellow teeth grinners are winners award as Queensland's 'Queen of Toxin'

Amazing ~ A non-elect gets away with exercising dictatorial fascist powers (government and companies merging) over the populace. Our Labor research dates back to a "difficult but effective" time in 1924 when the commies plotted to infiltrate the Labor party ~ Commies promote "socialism" (ask Karl Marx) which coincidentally the Fabian NGO group do as well. Hawk, Keating, Whitlam are/were all members. PM Rudd is known to make loving speeches before the Fabians. Their logo today is a Turtle representing s l o w incremental change. What is there to change in Sovereign National Australia? Ow, um, adding a sedative medication the commie Russians used in Gulag death camps an example? The Fabians old logo was a wolf in sheep's clothing that's still on display in England. (Fabians, like commies, are global) Learn more about the Robert Hawk never shown on TV.

Is non-elect Bligh up to no good on behalf of the Fabian commies, whoops, socialists? We can't say for sure ~ But like the old saying: "Judge a tree by it's fruit". Non-elect Bligh's 'shut the hell up', I'm the Captain, you work for me, you have no vote, nil say, it's my way or walk the plank, antics, tastes like real bad fruit bats would even turn down.

" from the national survey of adult oral health (2004-06), published in 2007, which showed no difference in the dental health of Queenslanders and people in other states." source

Armed with her military weapons contractor Tenix (no bid contracts) mates, non-elect Anna Bligh (whom rewards criminals) in her intern position as Queensland Premier (after elected Premier Peter Beatie buzzed off to America probably laying roots for the criminal Brigalow Corporation) December 1st 2008 successfully turned the tap of toxin out onto the bewildered Queensland population, without their consent.


Fluoride & the Pineal Gland




"Bligh claims that most Queenslanders are in favour of fluoridation, but there is widespread scepticism, particularly among farmers, who have known for many years that some bore waters high in natural fluoride have a detrimental effect on the health of livestock." source

non-elect Bligh after December 1st announced her amazing victory over PM Rudd (same party) attaining extra funding from the Federal government for projects in Queensland. It's our guess that now with her toxin flowing freely, non-elect Anna will also boost spending in the dental industry. Supposedly it's going to take "5 years" for positive dental results to show up with fluoride use. It's our guess that any positive results will probably be from extra dental funding for public hospitals during the same period.

The public wanted a referendum ~ Anna said "It is time to stop being superstitious and to look at the science." We did ~ Studies show fluoride gives boys bone cancer

The head Canadian dentist Dr. Hardy Limeback that was responsible for fluoride implemented in Canada, has since gone 180 degrees against fluoride in drinking water.

"During a visit to Queensland, Andrew Harms, past president of the South Australian branch of the Australian Dental Association, said the addition of fluoride to water in these mining towns would increase the uptake of lead by children and adults who already had gravely high lead levels in their blood samples." source

The matter of daily dosage ~ Can Anna Bligh and her military weapons contractor control how much fluoride we all consume each day? The answer is a resounding NO! Americans have warnings on the back of their tooth paste packs saying that anymore than one "pea sized amount" of fluoride swallowed is toxic and should call poisons control.

Drinking fluoride lowers IQ?

In November 2006 the American Dental Association announced that baby formulas made up with fluoridated water should be avoided for infants younger than six months.

The Australian Dental Association and the National Health and Medical Research Council came on line with..suggestions: babies six months to a year should have..600ml of fluoridated water" source

What is going on Australia? We have a woman nobody voted for, shoving us around over a non-issue "published in 2007, which showed no difference in the dental health of Queenslanders and people in other states."

We smell the stink of Fabian "socialists" ~ And Ms. Bligh yet another intern bird cage liner in place "incrementally" there to implement the 'change' traitor Bob Hawk and other Labor / Fabian members have been working on for decades, preparing sovereign Australia for the hand over to a world government run by banksters. In light of what's economically going on world wide, we are comfortable with our conclusion the war on terror, is really about the war on you, and I. "Undesirables", "useless eaters", "sheeple" are what we the people get called by "elite". If you look hard enough you'll find "elite" in much higher positions that Ms Bligh, whom claim they run the world, while wishing to return as deadly viruses to wipe us out.

You see, whether non-elect Bligh knows it or not, she's running lock step with an agenda set many years ago to "dumb the people down". From what I've seen so far, Queensland doesn't really need fluoride to dumb the people down ~ They are already passive about this matter. A non-elect, dictating, declaring the public whom never voted for her, have no "choice" between clean water, and a toxin used in rat poison, without a referendum vote, is a joke. We have rain water tanks here, and learnt at an early age how to tie our own shoe laces, and use a tooth brush (with fluoride free paste), but most food we eat is grown or washed with water in those prescription dams.

The bag sodium fluorosilicate comes in.Here is a hypothetical based on a school boys day...

Morning: Jimmy heads for the breakfast table to have his fill off sugar laden Coco pop cereal. Knocks down a glass of (imported crap) orange juice concentrate mixed with sodium fluorosilicate. Jimmy heads to the bathroom to get ready before going to school ~ Has a hot shower breathing in vaporized sodium fluorosilicate in the steam. While still in the bathroom with the door shut and the toxic mist present, Jimmy brushes his teeth with sodium fluorosilicate tooth paste. Jimmy at school through out the day playing sports, drinks two liters of sodium fluorosilicate water.
Midday: Jimmy has two bottles of processed orange juice watered down with sodium fluorosilicate, one at little lunch, and one at regular lunch break. Jimmy brushes his teeth again after eating.
Arvo: Jimmy gets home, has a shower before sitting down to his favorite instant mash potatoes (and chicken) dinner made with sodium fluorosilicate tap water.
Jimmy settles down in front of the TV with his dad ~ Dad shares a bottle of Fanta (made using sodium fluorosilicate water) with him.
Evening: Jimmy heads off to bed after brushing his teeth with sodium fluorosilicate tooth paste once more.



When Jimmy starts showing up side effects from over dosing, will
non-elect Bligh still be in government and happy to answer for her non-elect actions?.