Yeah, but how much just for the plastic?

$100 noteThese plastic items not backed by gold after 1933 are  Guardian® Polymer products. From the RBA’s web site we see it costs "2" somethings to manufacture one (1) and it takes "one year"  to "break-even" paying back the "2" somethings it cost to make them. Older paper versions cost "1" something because they only have one quarter (1/4) the "life". Being the nosey buggers we are, we emailed the RBA and asked them what the actual production cost of one (1) something with the number 100 printed on it costs to make. A nice RBA official Antoinette Perri emailed back saying "between 10 and 20 cents". So it takes "one year" to pay off some things not backed by gold. Who has the other $99.80 face value? It gets better — the head clown from VISA (cut those cards up!) doesn’t even want you having 20 cent bits of plastic cash! The big picture is a cashle$$ global economy "by 2012" where their "money" for us, would be free digital entries on their bankster computer hard drives. Have a guess how much it costs to make a 20 cent coin? Bon appétit.