Why Is America Setting Up a Militarily Base In Australia?

Why Is America Setting Up a Militarily Base In Australia?

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  • GreenLantern

    Lets start by saying it not their first base. Prime Minister Whitlam tried to get access to Pine gap but was refused. Other bases come under so called training bases, years ago you could go to Alice Spring for cheap furniture at garage sales from leaving US troops.

    As your leading story says Iran,Russia and China will unite against Israel(first aggressor), USA , most of Europe, Britain and Australia for WW3. War will be used to try and stop/cover up the economic collapse and Depression. The bankers who caused the depression by stealing money off everyone(you, I dont have any money). These bankers will get off because people will be concentrating on war and not the guilty rolling in our money. In time the monopoly media will let the story go and we will have different challenges at that stage. Mostly crying over our boys and girls dying in an war over money and power, wow just like every war in history.

    The USA need the base so we Australians will be committed to the war because we will be a target. Watch Darwin STDs go up and it will be treated like Bali. Morals will be lost, I would be moving if I was a Darwinian.

    Maybe the NWO need US Forces to dominated the possible Police state that will happen, as Australian police will not continue to persecute Australians when they wake up to the NWO and Govt. plans. Ask Police what they going to do when their pension are non-existent, due to a collapse in the stock market.

    Also could be that the training base at Shoalwater bay, might be too contaminated because of DU(depleted uranium), the USA have been using there, please see DVD called “blown in the wind” by David Bradbury

    The great conspiracy reason could be that US officials need another country to run to when POLESHIFT happens possibly in 2012. As their country breaks apart geographically and socially with guns everywhere, and Australians are laid back and will let them do what they want. Dont worry the Queen will be coming too. Get the streamers and party hat ready.

    I’ll stop now or I’ll get really revved up. Use knowledge to lighten the darkness.

  • Welcome, GreenLantern.

    LOL, yeah, I never though about the pole shift matter. Bugger the Queen and her husband that writes books about being a virus in his next life and killing humans — they can stay put over there with the Muslims in Buckingham Palace.

    The Sovereignty thing with me is a big issue, but like you say, the US have been here for a while, and if they were going to drink all our beer and shag all our chicks, they would have done so by now. They come from the same Pommie stock as the first fleet so I feel a bit funny yelling; “it’s my place, piss off”, at them.

    Aussie Rod.