rothschilds.jpg(AustraliaMatters) Which same unelected unaccountable group are found behind the privatisation of Australian owned assets — Qantas, the Commonwealth Bank, Victorian electricity, Telstra, Sydney airport, NSW electricity, Queensland rail, forestry, roads and ports? The masters of usury and debt, the House of Rothschild! LEARN MORE

  • Rachel Emmes

    Too many whinging and complaining with few remedies offered, but there are simple answers to our serious problems. Read the book at http://www.#############.com for the blue print of our political reform. Government by the people for the people is democracy but what we have is government by the party for the party and that’s communism, the objective of a one world government. Funny that no one has realised that what capitalism has produced and has caused to flourish, is organised greed which will always defeat disorganised, over encumber bureaucratic governments.

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    $39.99 to read your remedies. Your site is like a shop with some freaky non-Australian kiwi looking dude on it. You're the author, so why not put your face to your work?

    I'd recommend adding an open membership public forum on your site where people can test your $39.95 remedies for FREE.

    Sorry for "whinging and complaining".

    Plugging your items on my site that I'll make nothing from is called what?

    Have some manners and ask permisson before spamming.

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