Who Owns Australian Government Debt?

(Daily Reckoning) Did you see the bit in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review about who owns Australian government debt?  […] If you’re a debt optimist, these figures show that there’s plenty of demand for Australian debt. If you’re a debt pessimist, these figures show that Australia owes foreigners a lot more money now than it did three years ago. The government stimulus alleged to have prevented the GFC impacting in Australia wasn’t free after all. Read more

"FORWARD" them into economic slavery, Comrade Swan

Editors note: I’m going on record stating that I’ve never seen such an example of Australian weakness as that of the man known as Wayne Swan — a man that stands before us night after night on the idiot box claiming he saved Australia from the GFC.

Plunging a nation into debt, is not saving that nation.

CEC party have the right idea. Australia needs to re-establish it’s own national bank. Of course to do so would see us added to the short list of nations yet to be militarily invaded. Lincoln and Kennedy gave their nation government issued currency, but look what happened to them. Jackson did the same, but he survived the twin mis-fired pistols pointed into his stomach. Historically, the chief thieves behind global debt slavery are Rothschilds. Learn more

  • Verbewarp

    There is an ancient saying:

    Big man, big dick,
    Little man, all dick.

    From the latter, we now have it that KRUDD intended to attack China back in 2009, or said that what he was going to have us do this despicable deed: “A release of diplomatic cables from Wikileak’s in 2010 revealed that Australia’s attempts to placate the Chinese didn’t work, and Chinese officials were furious about just the public section of the White Paper. Rudd was also revealed to have told the US he was ready to use force if China didn’t placate the international community.”

    “A major power adversary would be expected to respond to these blockades by mining and attacking ports.”

    “Part of the Defence thinking is that in the event of a conflict with the US, China would attempt to destroy Pine Gap, the US-Australia signals facility near Alice Springs, which is crucial for guiding US military operations in Asia … the paper envisages a very different world in which Australian naval operations alongside the US in, say, the South China Sea, could lead to direct Chinese attack on Australia …”

    “The capability of China to reach out 5000km and touch Australia was a new element of the strategic environment.”

    So, he was planning to blockade China? Huh? One wonders if his Mother dropped him on the head when he was born; from a 20 storey building?

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/australia-china-kevin-rudd-2009-2012-6#ixzz1wo5U3v7r

    All what is coming out now just confirms http://verbewarp.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/operation-death-star-australis.html

  • Verbewarp

    “We Are Hiring Mercenaries”
    Australia pays $200,000 bonuses to lure foreign soldiers

    By Herald Sun

    June 08, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — Australia is boosting its military ranks with foreign soldiers by offering cash bonuses of up to AU$200,000 (US$198,060) and fast-tracked citizenship.

    Veterans have hit out at hiring “mercenaries” from countries such as America, Germany and Singapore instead of recruiting more Australians.

    Figures obtained by the Herald Sun show 726 international military personnel have come to Australia since 2006.

    It is believed to have cost about AU$100 million to help them move.

    War graves advocate John Saddington questioned the loyalties of foreign recruits.

    “It’s an absolute disgrace,” he said. “We are hiring mercenaries.”

    Recruits are coming from America, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Singapore, Poland, Greece and Germany.

    A Defence Department spokesman said, “The Australian Defence Force contributes to the cost of relocating lateral recruits. The costs vary according to the family composition and size, but is typically between AU$150,000 to AU$200,000. Given the significant cost of training and building experience in new military recruits, this cost represents good value.”

    In other incentives, recruits are also having their Australian citizenship fast-tracked after just three months of service.

    Read more http://is.gd/AdXhIq