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(AustraliaMatters) Meet Mr Wayne Glew, (left) a former police officer of 17 years and resident of Western Australia. He’s had some fair dinkum head to head ding dongs in the Perth Supreme court. Hidden video shot in the court room can be seen here. In the video shown above Mr Glew gives his take on the health of the Australian Constitution and our public servants that are supposed to abide by it.

I pick this story up from the point where Mr Glew supposedly had /has an invention that helps with a vehicles fuel economy. He’s been taken to court a few times by an investor (wheat farmer) that supposedly isn’t happy.

After looking at the patents and being a bit of an ‘alternative energy’ researcher that likes GEET, I personally believe Mr Glew’s invention is worth squat — What I find valuable is Mr Glew’s knowledge of Australian Constitutional law and the way he handles himself in court using it.

Trouble is, if Glew’s invention is a crook and he’s able to stall court proceedings using Constitutional loop holes regarding jurisdiction, then I feel for the investor that’s not getting a fair day in court. “$2m in damages’ is nothing to sneeze at.

-Rod Freeman

  • Al

    From what little I know (or care) about people who think they have an idea and it turns out to be unsuccessful, I believe these matters are every day interactions. If he set about to defraud the investors then yes he is a con-man and should cop a hiding. If he genuinely stuffed up then I think either way, the investors are also at fault for not doing ‘due diligence’ before parting with money. What is a million times more relevant are these facts being uncovered concerning the govt and what is clearly a con job of the greatest order. It is simply un-believeable that this could, even slightly, be true. Having checked on a couple of these claims and experienced some anomalies myself, I have to begin listening because to not do so means I would be endorsing the demise, of my family and future generations, by a tyranny so huge that it would make the Mafia seem almost trivial by comparison. We have accepted the legal ‘system’ because we are told to ‘or else’. The problem we are faced with is the lax and lazy attitude of Australians. These con-men have been studying humans for many years, passing on their findings to their heirs and confidants. I fear for my family and their heirs because I know from past performance that Australians will take the easy way out and when this disaster happens it will be seen as someone else’s fault or doing. They won’t care because they’re life is nearly over and therefore ‘can’t be bothered’. Right now Australians are amongst the most ignorant, un-informed people on the planet. How about trying to prove these guys wrong, look up the internet and once you see for yourself you might want to crack a few heads just to let these scum-bags know that we are aware of their existence and ready to stop them at every turn.

  • australiamatters

    I agree. Would be disregard JFK’s secret society speech expose simply because he was an unfaithful husband? I think not.