War on Misnomers


(AustraliaMatters) April 4th “Reclaim Australia” rallies across Australia attracted a far share of opposition today.

We attended the Gold Coast rally and listened to cartoonist Larry Pickering have his say about the religious tax on food called, Halal.

The local Murdoch media reported only “two anti-racist protestors” were asked by the police to move on.

1:  the misnaming of a person in a legal instrument
2 a :  a use of a wrong or inappropriate name
b :  a wrong name or inappropriate designation
mis·no·mered \-mərd\ adjective source

No need to harp on about what “Reclaim Australia” are about – on the other hand, those that labeled themselves “anti-racists” need looking at.

What “race” is Islam? Answer is, it’s not a race, it’s a religion. The same applies to Judaism. Black Ethiopian Jews agree with us.

Those today calling themselves ‘anti-racists’ were reported as left wing Socialists (aka commies). Through out history “socialists” have predominantly been self proclaimed, atheists.

The longer we let word wizards slap misnomers on those they disagree with, the sooner their lies will become truth. Tell a big lie often enough…. you get the drift. Seems the left wing commies are reading straight from extreme right wing Goebbels play book. The irony.

It’s time for a war on misnomers.