W.A approves [Monsanto] GM canola

(SHM) Western Australia has become the third Australian state [with Vic and NSW] to allow farmers to grow genetically modified (GM) canola. Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman on Monday approved an exemption order under the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003 to permit cultivation of the GM crop. […] He said there had been 11 "minor events" during the delivery of more than 1200 tonnes of GM canola to receiving sites during the trials.[…] Opposition agriculture Minister Mick Murray said the decision would have negative long-term economic and social impacts on WA that could not be reversed. "WA’s green, GM-free image has been lost forever," Mr Murray said. […] Greens MP Lynn MacLaren said farmers and consumers would both lose from the decision. […] "The trial results and experience in the eastern states have proven it is not possible to segregate. "Farmers will cop the brunt of this poor decision by having to pay to try to keep their non-GMO crops free from contamination. READ MORE

Traditional farms world wide are being contaminated by Monsanto’s GMO seeds. Once contaminated traditional farmers like Percy Schmeiser are dragged through the courts to face the Monsanto mogul giant over so called breaches of patents. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch "The World According To Monsanto"  Download link is here (250mb)