Video: Australian Corruption

(AustraliaMatters) Here’s our favourite down to earth Aussie girl’s latest YouTube video that I reckon folks can relate too. Speak truth to power, Vicky! xoxo

-Rod Freeman

  • Verbewarp

    Ahhh Vicky, to be sure, to be sure.

    I AGREE: When one is caught lying, one is thrown out of office and sent to the Courts! If this was so, Gillard, Howard, KRudd and Abbott et al would be doing life. Of course in Ms Gillard case she is a self professed Fabian cultist and to the Fabian it is mandatory of membership to lie congenitally, as indeed Ms Gillard does.

    Sounds to me the Carbon Tax revenues are a total failure before they have started which means that the lower income groups will not only not get the adjusted revenues to cover higher costs of the CC Bill but the stated income tax level from $6000 to $17000 all of which means that the necessary monies needed to buy all that US military crap that doesn’t work, will be paid for from Labour taxation. So, what’s new?

    Word is that there is a new suite of taxes being considered in secret by Gillard, her pet black duck and Co., to be sure to be sprung at opportune moments unsuspected and unannounced.

    Yes, particularly revolting these days. You give me hope for Oz Vicky.

  • aussierod

    Good on you Verbe.