US Marines Begin Arriving in Australia: New Cold War Heating Up?

Why Is America Setting Up a Militarily Base In Australia?

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  • Verbewarp

    This guy validates my outline :

    For the final moments we will all have to wait and see but methinks that then it will be too late. Australia will / is designed to be the frontal launch platform for a nuclear attack on China: simple.

    After Syria they have planned to hit Turkey while building up the Australian and Asian infrastructure: its all fairly classical warfare strategy; the insanity comes from the “neocons” that have full control over all US government facilities and this means that Zionist Israel is fully running the USA. I hope you know what this means as they appear to be also running Gillard.

    Hopefully the radiation from Fukishima will bring such damage to the USA leadership soon that a new direction can be established before they destroy Australia. At the moment the Northern Hemisphere of the World is filling full of radiation — so what we do not need, is China throwing nukes at the US in Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere; if so, game over for humanity.

    But I guess that is what all those religious nut cake fundamentalists and their useful politic tools and fools really want — that is, to be with their God and as the saying goes, misery loves company.