Unhealthy Australia: Diabetes

Raw for 30 days(AustraliaMatters) Monkeys are still monkeys  but supposedly Darwin’s “theory” of evolution has been working overtime in other areas–human health. Reports of “type 2 diabetes set to overtake coronary heart disease and depression” are being pushed in Australian main stream media. In alternative news circles we know that poor diet, not evolution is causing any such astounding increases. A brilliant documentary called “Raw or 30 Days” is a must watch for everyone, healthy or not. Type 2 patients were off their medications after 30 days. There’s a surprise result from a Type 1 sufferer as well.

  • “Monkeys are still monkeys” they surely are! after all us Humans share 90 odd percent of our DNA with Chimpanzees and various other old world monkeys.

    The way I see it is Charles Darwin was one of the most brilliant minds you could ever of come across back in his time and his Theories set down back in the 18 hundreds paved the way to what we know now as Modern Zoology.

    Darwin’s theory of natural selection was the epitome of a man that was thoroughly switched on and extremely observant of what was going on in his surroundings, this all come about on his visit to the Galapagas group of Islands where he nutted out his theory of Natural selection.

    As for “unhealthy Australia” it is definitely poor diet that is contributing to diabetes /heart disease etc and nothing to do with any of the many of Charles’s observations.

    Why I just typed all this i have no idea? 🙂 prob because Charles is my Hero or I guess I just like to take advantage of a site such as Australia matters.com to say my piece and not have my say moderated to death which is just typical of some news sites and forums alike on the WWW.

    Anyway back to what I was doing, keep up the good work Rod.


    El Majestico!!!

  • anon

    Evolutionist can’t explain where the none existent material came from that went bang and believe life came from no life.
    Alfred Russel Wallace, was pushing ‘theories’ before Darwin.
    There are many variants of dog’s, but they are still dogs. They will never evolve into anything else.

    There is a bug in the termites stomach that can’t live without the termite. Like wise, the termite can’t live without the bug in it’s stomach. How did that evolve?

    “Etched within Earth’s foundation rocks — the granites — are beautiful microspheres of coloration, halos, produced by the radioactive decay of primordial polonium, which is known to have only a fleeting existence. The following simple analogy will show how these polonium microspheres — or halos — contradict the evolutionary belief that granites formed as hot magma slowly cooled over millions of years. To the contrary, this analogy demonstrates how these halos provide unambiguous evidence of both an almost instantaneous creation of granites and the young age of the earth.” http://www.halos.com/

  • Yes i suppose i should of mentioned Alfred Russel Wallace as well 😉 after all he did have a lot to do with it or did he? did he copy Darwin’s own theory? thing is everything no matter what forum or medium i am in i write straight from my head and rarely cross reference anything, Wallace should have got a mention for sure you are right.

    “There is a bug in the termites stomach that can’t live without the termite. Like wise,the termite can’t live without the bug in it’s stomach. How did that evolve?”

    Yes … this process is called “Mutualism” or a symbiotic relationship or symbiosis where one organism benefits from another (this is like being in the Biology online forum im a member of 🙂 anyway its an important process and is key to many organism’s survival it’s a pitty mankind hasn’t learnt from this process.

    “There are many variants of dog’s,but they are still dogs. They will never evolve into anything else”

    Yes many different species/ breeds all evolving from 1 common ancestor the prehistoric dog called ‘tomarctus” (prob wrong spelling) but as you say “They will never evolve into anything else” that is interesting as it is hard to say.

    Take the feral cat for example we all know it is a different taxa but the feral cat shows amazingly quick evolutionary adaptations such as physical characteristics as in the head becomes blockier (is there such a word? anyway there is now) teeth grow longer and a few other things occur and this happens usually within 6-7 generations!! it’s amazing.

    Canines on the other hand are different if left to fend for themselves the dingo is a great example yet it has not evolved much at all in the last 12-15.000 yrs the breed ended up on our shores from Indonesia except for cross breeding with domestic dogs which will eventually “breed out” the pure dingo bloodline.

    Thing is some species reach an evolutionary dead end (there are a lot of primates that fit this category ) and some don’t, humans will evolve further i believe as it is inevitable the only thing is he wont get a chance as his own inability to coexist with his own kind will be his demise.

  • I’m still looking at that halos stuff.

  • Mr Majestic

    halos stuff? now im confused? anyway I just type the first thing that enters my mind as soon as I seen Darwin’s “theory”of evolution mentioned I went off on a tangent, anyway my Hotmail is completely down so im trying to nut that out it just seems to be getting worse and worse but you cant complain being a free service.