Un-elected Attorney General Wants Your Computer Passwords

(AustraliaMatters) I though this young lady was nuts when I first heard this. She’s not. Read the main stream source report from here where even a taxation trained ass clown in the Treasury department is supporting privacy thievery. If ASIO gets too busy spying on we Australians, the plan seems to be give the work to foreign agencies. Yeah sure, like Israel? Remember the Israeli owned 9/11 AMDOCS scandal?

What’s next? The un-elected Attorney General wanting a copy of my car and household keys? How about a neural interface straight into my brain reading my thoughts? Remember when Australian school children carried guns to school on public buses? Yeah, I think like that!

Hyper-multiculturalism is the cause of this post 2001 police state! Open the immigration flood gates to incompatible religious groups, then the so called government steps in grand standing as the inevitable spawns.  Here’s how it’s done in Europe.

For those that still believe democracy works, a petition has been set-up here

Do you think 1933 Nazis cared about written petitions against them? Were those pens mightier than the sword? The 2012 Nazis don’t care either.

Here’s an unencrypted thought right — I want my guns back.

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