Truth News Radio: 05 April 2012

(TruthNewsRadio) On today’s show we bring you analysis and commentary on a number of hot topics in Australian news at the moment.

We look at the embattled MP Craig Thompson, who, despite manifest evidence of fraud and criminal conduct,  is being propped up by a Labor government desperate to hold on to the reigns of power.

We look at new revelations in the Schapelle Corby case which provide yet more evidence that the Australian government knew that the marijuana found in Schapelle’s luggage was part of a well established drug trafficking syndicate involving corrupt baggage handlers, customs officials and police.

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  • Verbewarp

    The Labour Party was built out of crime and murder; that’s written history. These crude gangsters finessed into fraud during the pig farmer’s (Keating) reign of arrogant ignorance (or was it ignorant arrogance? and everything before that was crasse rape and pillage. This feral class hasn’t been evolving that long so one must expect throwbacks under the cultist Gillard. Sure they are desperate; Queensland shows us why.

    From Rothbard p.337 The Great Depression:
    “The guilt for the Great Depression must, at long last, be lifted from the shoulders of the free-market
    economy, and placed where it properly belongs: at the doors of politicians, bureaucrats, and the mass of “enlightened” economists. And in any other depression, past or future, the story will be the same.”

    This is what “leadership” does where some do it well and others not so well; it’s about self agenda and self-enrichment and none of them give a shit about you.


  • Verbewarp


    in view of all circumstances it is time to start the process of chucking Gillard and her criminally incompetent Party out of Australian government altogether and then begin the next era by transparently reversing every bit of legislation that Gillard sneaked through the Senate, especially all that drafted by the US “neocons”.

    We could reverse the “Australia is the World Nuclear Dump-site” Bill, and “Australia under US Military Occupation Bill”, and the “Australia will extradite any Australians that the US feels a fancy to torture, kill, maim Bill”, and the “Australia loves the US Hollywood copyright extension forever Bill”, etc., plus a lot more.

    Gillard should be banned from Government forever along with a huge number of the LP Caucus and Membership.

    A Special Court, not Royal Commission, should be established from the citizenry, to transparently investigate and charge Gillard and Company for Treason, and misuse of Power to the advantages of other Foreign Powers.

    We should also investigate the roles of the USA and Israeli Embassies and their past, present and future relationships with all Parliamentarians and staffers. And the plague… Mossad institutions and foreign Bank shareholders like JPMC, HSBC, etc., etc., etc.

    That would be a good staff to send a message to Abbot and his lot of Bogan to get their act together.

    And them Mr Green of the Brown Party to formally be put on notice regarding serving Foreign interests.

    All commercial, banking, political, foreign, influence peddlers and Lobby to have access totally blocked except in public hearings.

    Good idea methinks: Australia to be governed by Australians, and for Australians. It would be a nice change and a unique experience.