Time to come clean on US bedfellow, minister

Trade Minister Craig Emerson: Incompetent public servant, or treasonous globalist P.U lackey?

(SMH) What on earth is our trade minister doing? Late last year he flew to Tokyo to sign a so-called Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that, among other things, would have broadened the definition of counterfeiting to call into question the legality of generic medicines. In July, after the European negotiator found that the agreement’s potential threats to civil liberties “far outweighed” its benefits, the European Parliament rejected it by 478 votes to 39. […] All the more worrying for the committee was that [Craig] Emerson had committed Australia to the ACTA without waiting for the outcome of an Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry that is just getting under way. […] Notes that were leaked at the weekend on Australia’s role in the negotiations on the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement portray this nation as way out in front of every other, bar the United States, in pushing for tougher copyright rules. Encompassing Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam, the TPP is being sold as means of creating a vast trans-Pacific trading zone, taking in a quarter of the world’s economic activity. Read whole story here

Editors note: Pacific partnership? Smells like foundation laying to create that P.U (Pacific Union) all those conspiracy theorists have been warning about the last 50+ years. Back in the day when vinyl records where common place, the P.U idea was hatched by kosher banksters to slice the globe into regions. Australia was designated as region 4. Many years later when DVD’s were invented, the DVD’s sold in Australia were given a “region 4” (of 8) code. Later plans; all the  regions would be joined as a one world government, or as traitor Bob Brown is on record admitting: “one world parliament“.

related: John Howard and Kevin Rudd both pushed for a P.U