Three Years Jail For Being Anti-What?


(AustraliaMatters) Truth News Radio recently spoke to Brendon O’Connell, a Western Australian who spent three (3) years in prison for supposedly violating W.A “racial vilification” laws. Hear the full interview

The moon is not made of cheese and Judaism is NOT a “race”. Ducks don’t bark and dogs don’t quack. Race is not religion!

In a nut shell, Brendon O’Connell was thrown in jail under “race” laws for being verbally critical of a religion called, Judaism.

Anything you can convert to or away from is a religion, NOT a “race”!

What’s next? You get pulled over for no seat belt, but then get thrown in jail for a non-existent hit and run?

Take the horse blinkers off – Brendon O’Connell was thrown into a maximum security jail for three years simply because he dislikes the religion of Judaism. Having seen what’s taught in the Judaic Babylonian Talmud about old mate Jesus, we’re no fans either.

Islamic refugees have been rioting in Melbourne, yet the main stream media wont report that even while its on their front door steps. Link 1Link 2

Why? Are MSM reporters scared they’ll be jailed as “racists” for reporting groups of people with the same religion breaking Australian riot laws?

When the hell did religion become “race”? The only similarities–both words start with the same letter.

Not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Judaic’s are decadents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 2013 DNA study backs those facts up

Many Arabs are “Semitic”, as it’s a language many speak, not a “race”. How the hell does it make sense labeling people as “anti-Semitic” when Semitic refers to a language Arabs also speak? That’s like saying someone is “Anti-English”! Who makes this insane stuff up?  We’re living in a 1984 horror movie where the meanings of words are being changed willy-nilly to suit agendas. Why is it so hard to simply say “anti-Jewish”? The word “gay” means “happy”, not homosexual. The word “holocaust” is a Biblical term used to describe “animal sacrifice”, not human genocide.

Who are we offending right now? The black Jewish guy, or the white Jewish girl in the above photos? Which one is more “Jewish”? Neither!

Image sources: photo 1photo 2

What about my right to be offended by the one sided Bolshevik bullshit brainwashing forced on us all via the MSM!

How slippery is this slope? Who built it? What the blazers happened to us, Aussie? Long live common sense!

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