SERCO: The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of

(AustraliaMatters) The so called Australian government has a foreign corporation, from a foreign country controlling Australian citizens! This makes me so dam, sick! I, Rodney Freeman (on the land) of Australia matters dot com, do not consent to fascistic treason! Section 44 (.i) in the Australian Constitution forbids and sacks anyone in Parliament if they have an “allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power”!

Foreign corporations are, foreign fricking powers. SERCO is British government owned. The Australian High court ruled in 1999 that Britain is a “foreign power”.

Fascist Mussolini hung upside down.


“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of government and corporate power.”  WW2 Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini

Yet I’m supposed to consent and pay taxes to these fascistic Constitutional traitors? Humbug!

Image left: Punishment for fascists.


  • Verbewarp

    Their web site says that Serco is British Government owned – so is Australia

    therefore I see very little profit in complaining – but I don’t mind

    How about the Liberals dumping Abbort and then we dump Gillard and her war lords – er, the Caucus?


  • aussierod

    Heather Hill, from the One Nation party was blocked in SUE VS HILL from entering Australian politics because she was a dual Australian–British citizen. High court ruled Britain a “foreign power”.

    I’m well aware of the mind fuck we’re living in. The Australian Constitution is still worded for a Colony. There’s no wet signature from Queen Victoria on it either.

    I come at this stuff from Mark McMurtie’s POV. He realises that white law is full of holes, but he uses it back against the same systems.

    Gillard didn’t even swear the Constitutional oath FFS.

    I was hearing this supposed “ex-Solicitor” Wayne Leonard guy again tonight, but won’t promote him because on the site he recommends, they are ‘demanding’ the Rockefeller bankster created UN, step in and save us from the evil 1901 Constitution.

    I’ve got no easy way to explain the fucked up un-reality I live in, Verbewarp.

    Under S44(.i) those like Heather Hill can’t be an Australian public servant re-representing us in Canberra, while those unelected like SERCO supposedly can lawfully rule over us because they are what? British government owned?

    I’m not advocating dual citizenship either — last thing we don’t need is dual Australian /Israelis /Chinese /American..etc, in Canberra.

    Cue up the Alice in Wonderland music.


  • Verbewarp

    “I’ve got no easy way to explain the fucked up un-reality I live in, Verbewarp.”

    Neither do I; so, keep up the good work.

    Alice in Wonderland got it right – pure “economics”

    appreciate your work!

  • Verbewarp

    It is clear that the global politicians and bureaucrats are desperate so much so that the lies are becoming enormously, glaringly and blatantly apparent:

    Assange and the UK Supreme Court (which now has no credibility – not even in translating a French word)

    Law trumped Reason
    Power trumped Law
    Only Ethics can trump Power

  • aussierod

    Australia: 5 minute debate with “chosen ones” = 3 years in an Australian maximum security jail.

    How much time do you suppose Assange is going to do for looking past the “chosen ones” 9/11 handy work?

  • Verbewarp

    I believe Assange will be uplifted to the USA and sent after a mock trial to Guantanamo Bay where he will remain until he dies (murdered through torture)or so old, remain there until everybody will have forgotten about him. This is what Americans are. This is what they have become, for they have embraced death. It is the celebration of the sacrifice; an ancient cult of superstition in the worship of the Bull cult. A cult of tormented and traumatized fear of a savage and cruel God. The other side of schizophrenic duality.

    Our Australian Government (for want of a better term) will do just what they are doing now, obeying Fascist USA. Zionist Israel certainly are heavily invested in exterminating Assange and all other whistle blowers that dare to tell the truth to the public.

    We fear – this controls the natural functions of life; we are all dead; As we fear. As we prefer to fear, it is better that we are indeed dead: such is life.

    The choice: Celebrate life without fear – or die, in fear so as to embrace death.

    There is always a choice.