The “G-d Gene” Cure?

(AustraliaMatters) Have a listen to this effeminate nerd with generic eye problems proposing the US Pentagon use a “virus” to cure “religious fundamentalists” of their “G-d gene”. Remember the 1948 religious fundamentalist group called the Irgun? They shot their way into Palestine because of the “G-d gene”. The effeminate nerd calls this virus the “funvac”. I though this was an April fools joke. It’s not! Maybe this funvac “G-d gene” virus could be released in Israel first? No of course not — it’s for goat headers in Afghanistan.  Dang, we live in a f###ed up world run by new age Nazis.

  • Verbewarp

    I’m fully supportive – so we should immediately release this virus in Washington DC, New York City, Jerusalem and Canberra. Sounds good to me!

    Reference to Dr, Bruce Lipton Cellular Biologist: “A gene is a learned experience”.

    You can Google this, Jim.

    This fruit cake should also take a strong whiff of his own viral package.

    The World is full of fruit cakes!


  • aussierod