(Ziggy Zapata) The top six leading members of the Rudd Labor Government from Rudd down, have a collective work experience of 181 years, but only 13 years in the private sector. If 11 years of those 13 years that were spent as trade union lawyers are deducted, of the 181 years, only two years were spent in the private sector by these fiscal geniuses. The sad truth is that the people who will rack up a nett Federal debt of a minimum of $188 billion, the highest in our history, have virtually no experience in business. So out of 181 years, these people have…" learn more

Wow, only two years experience in the private sector. Pauline Hanson who’s been "copied and vindicated" had more private sector experience  — seriously think about that before clicking here and seeing the $300 billion communist shackles comrade Rudd placed on our Australian great grand children. For the record and living up the site moto, we’re not Liberal fans either after Howard bent a knee (3mb video) before a three times failed businessman called Bush, taking us into Iraq clocking up over one million dead Iraqis since 2003 because of some WMD dribble Bush and Blair were aware of 12 months before

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