The CEC Report – April 27th 2012

On The CEC Report this week, Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood discuss:
1. Before all industry is gone, fight with the CEC
2. Treason Dossier: Paul Keating’s free trade
3. The climate “debate” is one big charade

Australian Traitor: Ross Garnaut

Editors note: This CEC report is a must hear. Manufacturing is just 8% of the Australian economy and the car indusrty is a large part of that. Kevin Rudd’s puppet master Ross Garnaut (right) openly admits the Australian government system only cares about mining and sea ports. Such Australian system traitors don’t give two squats about Australian manufacturing. Australia changed from a gold backed economy to a goods based economy in the early 1930’s. We’re manufacturing less goods now days, which means what for our economy-country?

  • Verbewarp

    I’m sorry but I find these guys very hard to listen to, despite their valid points. The just seem to be-labour every point.

    Ports and mining: The Labour Party which culturally and historically represents Organized Crime, is made up of war-lord like faction which operate on a mafia feudal system; the Dons which make up the secret Caucus. If these war-lords can make money off some policy, then it is allowed to proceed after the tribute is established in quantum and service. It wasn’t that long ago that Queensland ports were bottle necked after years of neglect or more to the point, unpaid tribute to the new incomers and the changing guard.

    The Labour Party has always ignored the peoples of Australia to favour their Dons and entourage; KRudd and Gillard are no different; just fresh faces that present innocent and well meaning perceptions (false) to a mean and ugly beast where self interest and incompetence of governance rule the roost.

    Both Parties are guilt of treason so much so that there appears to be a need to increase the size of the parking lots at the US and Israeli Embassies.

    Climate debate is built on Fraud.

    Keating had it all and ended up with a Pig Farm – says it all really, about that arrogant arsehole.

    How much money has Labour given Ford and GM, now?

    I hope you noted the RBA 50 point cut in rates: Totally out of character for Glen Stevens the highest paid bureaucrat in Australia so if he buckled due to pressure from the fabulous, he could have cut 25 basic points as survived a knee capping – but he went much, I repeat much further. Whatcha think? Things worse that being told?

    Bet on it!

    Oh yes, Gillard’s submarines. I heard her comments today. She is lying as usual and she is stupid or worse if she thinks that we will believe her; this is a US and UK directive and she is eager to have some bad news that is too far off – to arrive to public ears, that hurts her in short term.

    Bees; busy bees; busy, busy bees.

    Keywords: incompetence | theft | lies | self-service | crime | lies | theft | Failure |

    A tax; a tax; my kingdom for a tax!

    Carbon tax: I see that the Carbon Tax is going to be bad for the LP’s chances to win the next election: So the LP is trying trying to stop its July 1, 2012 implementation. You can see where the priorities are.

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  • Verbewarp

    Did I say something untoward?

    That’s OK

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    “Did I say something untoward?”

    LOL, to who? Where? When?
    Save me some of that wacky weed 😉

  • Verbewarp

    I left some commentary here but when I checked back it appears that it has been removed.

    I just wanted to know why?

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    ?? Not sure Verbe. I didn’t remove anything, and nothing is caught in the spam filter. Sorry about that.


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    It’s all good Verbewarp. I didn’t delete anything here, mate.
    I’ll look into that .se report in the morning when the evil VB wears off. (Friday avro brain deactivation status in progress)

    Just watched Clark and Dawe (who usually bore me to death because they don’t go far enough) sending up Bob Carr and his supposed preconceived notes about our Australian domonation over Fiji.

    I left comment on the video page…

    “LOL, “preconceived notions” about Fiji national sovereignty? Fiji are Australian bitches! Do what we say Fiji, or say goodbye foreign aid. Hitler is dead? Nazis in Oz. Trouble is the food chain. Big picture C&D won’t cover due to Bolshevik like NKVD media “D Notices” they fear — Bob Carr isn’t a head bitch either!!! Liberal and Labor are the left and right wing bitches on the treason (usury cancer) in Australia called ‘Rothchild’, new world order, one world parliament.”

    Ain’t it great we have dip-shits like SS ‘Bob NKVD Carr’ ruling Fiji.

    Ow well, beers getting warm.

    Have a good weekend. (if you want too)


  • Verbewarp

    Gillard and Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, plus the Australian Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon,
    Agree to airport rape and radiation for Pavlov’s dogs of Australia. What is wrong with these people?

    It’s bad enough having to put up with the organized crime syndicates and war-lords that run the ALP and the in-competences and self-service of our US nominated Prime Minister and other officials but do we really need this shit with low-lifes in uniforms grabbing our kids junk as well as the elderly and the disabled?
    Having some experience with all these types I can tell you where ALL the terrorists are.


  • Verbewarp

    “We have reached a point in Australia where citizens can be arrested and extradited to the United States based on information supplied by Australian spies for breaches of US law on Australian soil. Australia has effectively signed away its right to govern its own in matters of copyright infringement when those matters overlap the interests of the United States.”

    Keywords: Australian spies | signed away its right | interest of the United States |

    You will note that Australia “leadership” sic eagerly and voluntarily undertook (particularly M’s Gillard) this obsequious and treasonous role, with full and divine (read: rolling the eyes) devotion.

  • Verbewarp

    Latest News on HSU and Thompson et al

    “Fair Work report into HSU released
    Updated May 07, 2012 17:42:07

    RELATED STORY: Fair Work taking HSU officials to court
    MAP: Australia
    A senate committee has published the Fair Work Australia report into the national office of the Health Services Union.

    Fair Work Australia general manager Bernadette O’Neill released a statement earlier today, saying an investigation reveals an organisation that abjectly failed to have adequate governance arrangements in place.

    She says Fair Work Australia’s probe uncovered more than 100 contraventions of HSU rules that could lead to civil penalties, the majority of which relate to a former official.

    Federal MP Craig Thomson was the union’s national secretary.

    He has issued a statement denying any wrongdoing and criticising the report.


    No wrong doing at all – it is what the ALP has always done: after all the ALP is Organized Crime in Australia!
    The ALP breeds Nazis.

  • aussierod


    I’ll see your…

    “…information supplied by Australian spies for breaches of US law on Australian soil. ”


    “iiNet wins landmark copyright case against Hollywood studios”

    The psychedelic feeling I have is not mine.

    It’s what they push onto us.

    Oi, you learn how to send email via encryption yet?

  • Verbewarp

    Seems to me that Mr Thompson would be Gillard’s best choice to control the Budget, as he seems to enjoy the experiences.

    No, to encryption – I have forgotten and don’t want to relearn. 😉

    And our Animal Farm appears to be on track… here piggy, piggy


  • Verbewarp

    A bit more on Gillard giving Australia to the USA

    and allowing that dyke Janet Napolitano to play with all our junk here in Oz
    with all her Gestapo Nazi weasel feral agents in their tight blue pants and gold badges getting their sexual repressions and jollies off at the cost of the Great Australian Unwashed.

    It is amazing that in a Nation where George Orwell’s Animal Farm is mandatory school reading, and comprehension, that nobody can see the fascist creep of the Gillard Abbott classes of dingo dung.

    Australia needs to throw Gillard (and all her sweaty and creeping animal friends) out of the PM’s Office and Parliament forever and soon!

  • Verbewarp

    Infiltration by the perverted Napolitano and sexually repressed maggot of Gestapo like society:

    Germain Greer has nothing on this bitch er, lady?

    Just what has she got in common with M’s Gillard, I wonder?

  • Verbewarp

    Gillard needs to get all this plus more through the Senate before she gets her bonus.

    1. Include a number of features that would lock-in as a global norm many controversial features of U.S. law, such as endless copyright terms.
    2. Create new global norms that are contrary to U.S. legal traditions, such as those proposed to damages for infringement, the enforcement of patents against surgeons and other medical professional, rules concerning patents on biologic medicines etc.
    3. Undermine many proposed reforms of the patent and copyright system, such as, for example, proposed legislation to increase access to orphaned copyrighted works by limiting damages for infringement, or statutory exclusions of “non-industrial” patents such as those issued for business methods.
    4. Would eliminate any possibility of parallel trade in copyrighted books, journals, sheet music, sound recordings, computer programs, and audio and visual works.
    5. Requires criminal enforcement for technological measures beyond WIPO Internet Treaties, even when there is not copyright infringement, impose a legal regime of ISP liability beyond the DMCA standards.
    6. Requires legal incentives for service providers to cooperate with copyright owners in deterring the unauthorized storage and transmission of copyrighted materials.
    7. Requires identifying internet users for any ISP, going beyond U.S. case law, includes the text of the controversial US/KOREA side letter on shutting down web sites.
    8. Requires adopting compensation for infringement without actual damages.
    9. For copyright and trademark, criminal punishment would apply even to non-for-profit infringement.

    The enslavement of Australians before they glass Australia over with nukes!

  • Verbewarp

    All that needs to be said, has been said: How such a fact is ignored by those incompetents that call themselves our “leaders”; just how ignoring history repeats itself; and how the Labour Party has always specialized in theft which does not qualify them as economists, a priori but in their opinion, to the contrary. $0.5 million on hookers eh? And he still looks sexually repressed!

    “all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Thomas Jefferson –

    Why, when we have the intellectual capacity to devise a system of governance for all the people’s of the World, we do not pursue this course but attempt to create new ruling elites which we allow to capture full control over the Great Unwashed, their productivity as well as all assets and society’s well-being – and then, in turn, call this “Democracy” which since the early days of Greece, it has never been so?

    But, you may say that this has always been the case; victory over the masses for the sake of “Tribute”. Indeed I respond, for possibly the past billion years or so, this has been the main driving force of the rise and fall in humanity’s waves of tribal legions but we have seen periods of peace and prosperity, Egypt, for example, and this indicates to me that humanity is cyclic and the Great Races are nought but the consciousness of varied and amalgamated tribes; even isolated tribes and communities, driven by forces unknown to man (most).

    So, it is then ignorance, fear (insecurity), and the whole-hearted incompetence, and self agenda of chosen (sic) leadership that thwarts the opportunities to create sustainable civilization (again) that is in accord with the Universal and Parochial Principles of the natural Universe and its inviolate physical compositions at the innate causal levels. But is it not also that we have been promised the wealth of others if we just vote a certain way? Then, as this is so, we are all fools, thieves and liars as we most assuredly, always believe otherwise, or in other words, we believe our own lies, which makes us just as much a fool, if not more, for thinking that we are not fools.

    “As soon as we abandon our own reason, and are content to rely upon authority, there is no end to our troubles”. – Bertrand Russell

    We do deserve what we we get, most certainly because the wave is comprised of all those particles and in the case of humanity today, we believe, or are led to believe that the consensus is always right. What hogwash; I say follow the herd if you wish to die, be slaughtered and milked for your productivity and potential. The cry of the herd is “waiting to die.”

    “What do we mean by the Revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution; it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected … before a drop of blood was shed.” – John Adams (1735-1826) – letter to Thomas Jefferson, August 24, 1815

    We have allowed an unnatural system to be imposed on humanity and this is the Usurious Banking system with all its finesses and risk-free full recourse arrangements of the past ~5,000 years or so, despite the fact that plain science and school level math shows that such a system brings only devastation at the cost of the peoples for the predators that always win. Does this not indicate that our “leaders” are worthless, weak and corrupt and will never represent the affairs d’homme? That wars are the Bankers’ wet dreams that increase their profits and grasp on humanity’s productivity to disproportional advantage, again at the cost of life and suffering; an act that is not only unnatural but what would most definitely not normally be considered a “human” trait. But here we are. electing those same cult of fools without knowledge, experience, independence or integrity to prepare for the futures of our children, who otherwise engage in instruction from the banking classes feathering their own nest all at the direct cost of those they are supposed to serve in the employ of and at the first sign of public knowledge arising to their traitorous ways, bring the heavy iron fist unmercifully down on the weak and vulnerable.

    What does this mean?

    This is the first question we should aside for further consideration. It is founded in the words of others; men stature and note and also in the comprehensions that ‘all that needs to be said, has been said’.

    Scientific studies of fish stock studies show that when the predators over-eat, the predators suffer and die off; this is natural, and especially with the fish as well as all animal, these thoughts are shewn true as founded in Universal and Parochial Law, and therefore you are absolutely correct (I assume that you have considered the above and arrived at the only possible answer and conclusion) and on the high podium with your argument that the role of the Banker, which is the engine of our Global civilization, is absolutely “unnatural” to mankind, the planet and the Universe, and therefore represents a parasitical,predatory perversion and alien insidious abomination that we must rid from from ourselves.


    Do we note the rapid decay in the Matters of the World? More money and resources for the Bankers? Yet, we chose to onwards to war with the USA to China, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq?

    Do we all get an opaque Credit Card if we join the Labour Party?

    The waters accelerate the closer one comes to the waterfall. An observation ;-).

  • Verbewarp

    Missing in Action:

    There is not one Leader anywhere on the visible horizon -0-

    “There is no President, Prime Minister, or Premier to match the group of three in 1982. There is no religious leader, either. There is no one who commands much respect. There is no one who wields authority in terms of a vision of social renewal.

    Given the state of public opinion today, it is best that there is no such leader. The voters are committed to irreconcilable goals, all over the world. They do not trust the state, yet they rely on the state for welfare payments. They perceive the corruption, yet they do not want to de-fund this corruption by spending cuts. They see that their liberties are being taken away by the state, yet they call for more action against undefined terrorists. They are, in a word, schizophrenic.

    Schizophrenia does not produce healing. It produces confusion.

    It is a sinking World where citizens murdered by the war machine are called “militants” and “leadership” are the real Terrorists.

  • Verbewarp

    Organized Crime in Australia: ALP

    “HSU isn’t typical of unions”: Shorten

    Sure it is! The difference being is that the others are well covered.

    I’ll bet that Thomson and his boss get a clean bill of health from … you got it, the ALP

    Always has been this way; why change now.


  • Verbewarp

    Extracted from ZeroHedge: Thucydides at the time of Greece vs Sparta – Circa 500BCE

    “So revolutions broke out in city after city, and in places where the revolutions occured late the knowledge of what had happened previously in other places caused still new extravagances of revolutionary zeal, expressed by an elaboration in the methods of seizing power and by unheard-of atrocities in revenge. To fit in with the change of events, words, too, had to change their meanings. What used to be described as a thoughtless act of aggression was now regarded as the courage one might expect to find in a party member; to think of the future and wait was merely another way of saying one was a coward; any idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly character; ability to understand a question from all sides meant that one was totally unfitted for action. Fanatical enthusiasm was the mark of a real man, and to plot against an enemy behind his back was perfectly legitimate self-defence. Anyone who held violent opinions could always be trusted and anyone who objected to them became suspect. To plot successfully was a sign intelligence, but it was still cleverer to see that a plot was hatching. If one attempted to provide against having to do either, one was disrupting the unity of the party and acting out of fear of the opposition. In short, it was equally praiseworthy to get one’s blow in first against someone who was going to do wrong, and to denounce someone who had no intention of doing any wrong at all. Family relations were a weaker tie than party membership, since party members were more ready to go to any extreme for any reason whatever. These parties were not formed to enjoy the benefits of established laws, but to aquire power by overthrowing the existing regime; and the members of these parties felt confidence in each other not because of any fellowship in a religious communion, but because they were partners in crime. If an opponent made a reasonable speech, the party in power, so far from giving it a generous reception, took every precaution to see that it had no practical effect.

    Revenge was more important than self-preservation, And if pacts of mutual security were made, they were entered into by the two parties only in order to meet some temporary difficulty, and remained in force only so long as there was no other weapon available. When the chance came, the one who seized it boldly, catching the enemy off his guard, enjoyed a revenge that was all the sweeter from having taken, not openly, but because of a breach of faith. It was safer that way, it was considered, and at the same time a victory won by treachery gave one a title for superior intelligence. And indeed most people are more ready to call villainy cleverness than simple-mindedness honesty. They are proud of the first quality and ashamed of the second.

    Love of power, operating through greed and through personal ambition, was the cause of all these evils. To this must be added violent fanaticism which came into play once the struggle had broken out. Leaders of parties in the cities had programmes which appeared admirable – on one side political equality for the masses, on the other the safe and sound government of the aristocracy – but in professing to serve the public interest they were seeking to win the prizes for themselves. In their struggle for ascendancy nothing was barred; terrible indeed were the actions to which they committed themselves, and in taking revenge they went farther still. Here they were deterred neither by claims of justice nor by the interests of the state; their one standard was the pleasure of their own party at that particular moment, and so, either by means of condemning their enemies on an illegal vote or by violently usurping power over them, they were always ready to satisfy the hatreds of the hour. Thus neither side had any use for conscientious motives; more interest was shown in those who could produce attractive arguments to justify some disgraceful action. As for the citizens who held moderate views, they were destroyed by both extreme parties, either for not taking part in the struggle or in envy at the possibility that they might survive.

    As the result of these revolutions, there was a general deterioration of character throughout the Greek world. The simple way of looking at things, which is so much the mark of a noble nature, was regarded as a ridiculous quality and soon ceased to exist. Society had become divided into two ideologically hostile camps, and each side viewed the other with suspicion. As for ending this state off affairs, no guarentee could be given that would be trusted, no oath sworn that people would fear to break; everyone had come to the conclusion that it was hopeless to expect a permanent settlement and so, instead of being able to feel confident in others, they devoted their energies to providing against being injured themselves. As a rule those who were the least remarkable for intelligence showed the greater powers of survival. Such people recognised their own deficiencies and the superior intelligence of their opponents; fearing that they might lose a debate or find themselves out-manoeuvred in intrigue by their quick-witted enemies, they boldly launched straight into action; while their opponents, overconfident in the belief that they would see what was happening in advance, and not thinking it necessary to seize by force what they could secure by policy, were the more easily destroyed because they were off guard.

    Certainly it was in Corcyra that there occured the first examples of the breakdown of law and order. There was the revenge taken in their hour of triumph by those who had in the past been arrogantly oppressed instead of wisely governed; there were the wicked resolutions taken by those who, particularly under the pressure of misfortune, wished to escape from their usual poverty and coveted the property of their neighbours; there were the savage and pitiless actions into which men were carried not so much for the sake of gain as because they were swept away into internecine struggle by their ungovernable passions. Then, with the ordinary conventions of civilised life thrown into confusion, human nature, always ready to offend even where laws exist, showed itself proudly in its true colours, as something incapable of controlling passion, insubordinate to the idea of justice, the enemy to anything superior to itself; for, if it had not been for the pernicious powers of envy, men would not so have exalted vengeance above innocence and profit above justice. Indeed, it is true that in these acts of revenge on others men take it upon themselves to begin the process of repealing those general laws of humanity which are there to give a hope of salvation to all who are in distress, instead of leaving those laws in existence, remembering that there may be a time when they, too, will be in danger and will need their protection.”

    Why do we just repeat the past?