The art of setting up home for diddly-squat

(SMH) With more than 120,000 unoccupied homes in the city and a housing crisis, it’s no wonder squatting is thriving, writes Erik Jensen. The best place was probably in Northbridge, living in the pylon of a suspension bridge overhanging Tunks Park. It lasted half-a-year before Ashwyn Falkingham and his fellow squatters were thrown out. […] According to people involved in community law and rental advocacy, squatting has changed a good deal in the past few decades. It is not the domain of the truly disenfranchised, they say, as it is too unstable for these people. ”In the ’70s, squatting was very political,” one said. “Now it’s, well, very middle class.” Read more

The middle class are taking to trespass squatting? The 10 planks of communism, whoops socialism, plan to remove the middle class have come along further than we thought.

  • Watchwoman

    Perhaps the main problem is getting along with the other “squatters”???!!!!$$$ No notr an deal way to live. So much for someone saying no child in Australia would live in poverty by????
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