Telstra axes more than 650 jobs

Telstra moving overseas

Bye bye! Don’t forget to write.

(ABC News) Telstra is sending more jobs to the Philippines, as it slashes 651 positions and refuses to rule out more cuts. Hundreds of full-time and agency jobs in Sydney and Melbourne are being lost, while two customer service contact centres in Lismore and Townsville will be closed. In total, 116 jobs will be lost in Lismore and 126 in Townsville. More than half of the jobs are being sent offshore. Telstra has now cut more than 1,000 jobs this year and the company cannot guarantee no more cuts will be made. Read more

Editors note: Meanwhile Wayne Swan and the RBA are “upbeat about the Australian economy? Australian tax payers paid for the Telstra infrastructure through direct taxation and service use. Australian tax payers are being billed $27.5 billion for the National Broadband Network (NBN) as well.  Question is, will the govermnet ship NBN jobs offshore to run it? Intentional fabian socialist Labor sharing our jobs around globally. Gee, privatisation of public owned asserts — what a wonderful thing.