"Teaching Kids How To Take Tests"

(NEW MATILDA) The My School website is already affecting how teachers do their jobs — and not in a good way, writes curriculum support teacher Allan Sheffield […] Worryingly, the priority for teachers of students in years three, five, seven and nine has increasingly become how to improve or sustain the performance of their students in the NAPLAN tests. Thus many teachers, for a significant part of the academic year, are less focused on quality teaching and learning and more focused on teaching to a test. Students will practice taking tests, learn test-taking strategies and rote-learn material that has little relevance outside the context of the NAPLAN tests. Students learn how to jump through the hoops that will lead to improved test results. The consequence of all this fuss is a potential improvement in test scores, but almost certainly a decline in the quality of the learning experiences of students in our schools. read more

Decoded headline ‘Teaching Children How To Fake Tests’