Three Years Jail For Being Anti-What?

(AustraliaMatters) Truth News Radio recently spoke to Brendon O’Connell, a Western Australian who spent three (3) years in prison for supposedly violating W.A “racial vilification” laws. Hear the full interview The moon is not made of cheese and Judaism is NOT a “race”. Ducks don’t bark and dogs don’t quack. Race is not religion! In a nut […] […]

Australian Jailed 3 Years for ‘Thought Crimes’

(AustraliaMatters) The following is a matter I’ve been following for a while but haven’t felt the time right to post about it. Now is that time. The fellow pictured left is Brendon O’Connell. He’s serving 3 years in a W.A maximum security jail run by a foreign corporation called SERCO. What was Mr. Brendon O’Connell’s crime? Derivatives? […] […]

Fremantle Hungry Jack’s won’t serve kids during school hours to battle truancy

(CourierMail) SCHOOL children will be refused service at a Hungry Jack's restaurant in Fremantle during school hours in a bid to tackle truancy. The measure has been introduced ahead of the new school term after a request from police, who said local children were skipping school and using the South Tce store as a meeting point. read more

Meeting point? What's going to stop them meeting at McDonlands or the Pizza Hut instead? Let's hope the kids don't use the beach for a "meeting point" otherwise the police may ask the life savers to refuse service to kids that swim during school hours. How is this for a zanny idea — Spice up the kids history class with facts about September 11, 2001. Here's some for the curriculum to keep them interested in staying at school; A dual Israeli American scum bag that headed the 9/11 Commission report called Philip Zelikow not only left out WTC7 he also covered up for so called Muslim hijackers. Or in physics class the kids could be shown how WTC7 fell at near free fall speed and that 1300+ architects and structural engineers don't agree with the official physics. How about mathematics class? They could be taught that 19 hijackers minus 4 alive hijackers equals 15? How about chemistry class? They could be shown how to make chemicals that blow mini vans up with twin tower murals painted on the side? Crikey, even I would leave Hungry Jacks and go back to school if they had real classes like that.