Australians want the government to get our troops out of Afghanistan

( NEARLY two in three Australians want the Government to pull our troops out of Afghanistan. As the Australian death toll mounts, only a third of voters agree with the existing bipartisan policy of remaining in the war-torn country “for as long as necessary”. Read more

One of the real reasons for being in Afghanistan is the $1+ trillion dollars in lithium under ground. Anyone truely think bird cage liner Juliar (sic) and her fabian puppet masters are going to walk away from their cut in that stolen commodity paid for with Australian and Afghan blood?


Remembering evil Osama bin Laden: Dutch Controlled Demolitions expert says 9/11 Building 7 blown-UP

(AustraliaMatters) So this week Obama, whoops, Osama bin Laden is ‘officially’ dead. What evil did he do again?

Ow, supposedly three high rise buildings in NYC called World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7 came down on September 11, 2001 because of him.

The guy in the above video is Danny Jowenko. Mr Jowenko is a Dutch controlled demolitions expert. In the video he’s asked about the little known third building called WTC7 and how it came down seven hours after the other two buildings fell.

Mr. Jowenko is adamant that what he is being shown for the first time is a ‘controlled demolition.’ He does controlled demolitions for a living, so we’ll take his expert word about that.

Notice the look on Mr. Jowenko’s face when he’s told WTC7 came down seven hours later on the same day of 9/11 — it’s priceless. Why? Because it takes weeks to set buildings up for such controlled demolitions.

Remember folks, evil Osama bin Laden did September 11, 2001.

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9/11 Police Radio – King Street Mural Van


(AustraliaMatters) Did you know that on the day of September 11, 2001 a mini-van with a mural of a plane flying into NYC was pulled over by the NYC police and later blew up? A bloke in a cave 6,000 miles from America didn't do this. The suspects the NYC police caught were Israeli citizens. Listen to the police tape and ask yourself why we were never told about this. This mini-van information and a second one pulled over the same day at the George Washington Bridge never made the official 9/11 commission report for some reason.


The air traveller’s dilemma: X-ray strip search or degrading groin grope?


(TruthNewsRadio) Remember the days when taking a commercial airline flight was an exciting, fun experience? Well those days are long gone, and the discomfort factor is set to get a whole lot worse. With the widespread introduction of naked body scanners and “enhanced patdowns” this year air travel in America has come to resemble a prisoner exchange program. read more and or hear Truth New Radio broadcast here

Meanwhile in communist (citizens still can't elect other parties) China no such invasion of personnel liberty is going on. Figure that one out. Remember, will you? All of this is going on because of the attacks on America September 11, 2001 where their aero space stood down and let it happen.