Australian Referendum Results Rigged?

(AustraliaMatters) I was reading down the “Referendum Dates and Results 1906 – Present” page at the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website last night. Either Australian’s are blithering idiots, or some referendum results are rigged. Supposedly we the people rejected, AKA “not carried” all of the following….

  • 3 September 1988 *Fair Elections to provide for fair and democratic parliamentary elections throughout Australia”

What idiots would reject fair elections? All elections after 1988 OK to be unfair now? The comedy continues…

  • 3 September 1988 *Rights and Freedoms to extend the right to trial by jury, to extend freedom of religion, and to ensure fair terms for persons whose property is acquired by any government”

We supposedly rejected trial by jury? Right to trail by jury has been, and still is enshrined in Section 80 of the current 1901 Australian Constitution. John Wilson wonders why he can’t get a trial by jury? If the referendum results are true, then we the people took that right away from ourselves. We were asked in 1988 if we legally recognise “local government” as well. We all said no, yet we all still pay rates-tax to local councils? Oddly, matters beneficial to courts and judges usually were carried (OK’ed) Have a read here