Fluvax to include a seizure warning

(TheAustralian) DRUG giant CSL has changed its prescribing information for next year’s flu vaccine to warn doctors that two toddlers had to be hospitalised during clinical trials supervised by the federal government’s key immunisation adviser. The Therapeutic Goods Administration yesterday revealed that it had known of the side effects for six years, yet only now had […] […]

Review: Just Say No 2 GMO

(AustraliaMatters) Ow come now girls, what’s wrong with two-headed fish in Queensland, or Australian’s used as GMO lab rats by the CSIRO–the same CSIRO run by a former Rothschilds bankster? Yeah sure anti-GMO protesters gathered at the steps of Parliament House recently, but what would they know. We love and trust the international GMO regulators […] […]

Unhealthy Australia: Diabetes

(AustraliaMatters) Monkeys are still monkeys but supposedly Darwin’s “theory” of evolution has been working overtime in other areas–human health. Reports of “type 2 diabetes set to overtake coronary heart disease and depression” are being pushed in Australian main stream media. In alternative news circles we know that poor diet, not evolution is causing any such […] […]