Immigration: Expat Kiwi, Vicky

(AustraliaMatters) Meet Vicky. She’s an expat Kiwi immigrant now living in Australia. We came across her about 12 months ago while scanning YouTube video channels for NWO savvy Australians–her user name is “manque15” ‘Ow no’ we first thought, not another kiwi now living in Australia. We had a listen to what she had to say about […] […]

The History of Political Correctness

Part 2 | Part 3

This video shows how Marxism was behind the creation of political correctness. It was made by The Free Congress Foundation. It may be watched in one complete video here


Kingswood Country Reuion

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

(AustraliaMatters) Ow Australia, what happened to the old days when we were Australian and not some hybrid mix of human and “politically correct” zombies? Conservative salutes our ‘reality correct’ mentor, Ted Bullpit!!