ALP’s knight is a Thief in Rusty Armour

niall_ferguson.jpeg(Niall Ferguson) TO a visitor's ears, there's something very Australian about using the acronym "GFC" to refer to the biggest global financial crisis since the Depression. In the US GFC brings to mind the recipe for deep-fried chicken devised by Colonel Sanders. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Here, GFC should stand for Gillard's Fraudulent Claim.The claim in question is that it was the fiscal stimulus injected by the Labor government that saved Australia from much more serious recession. [……….] Stimulus? Yes, sure, Labor has stimulated the Australian economy, in the same way that Ned Kelly used to stimulate the economy of Victoria. read more

Much of the above article is removed to save space. We've only this week learnt about Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson. Professor Ferguson is the first main stream respected historian that we've come across that openly speaks about the money changer family called Rothschild. We're not completely sold on Mr Ferguson though – for some reason "new world order"  Henry Kissinger and Rothschild lackey gave Ferguson his diary (probably the one without the gay Bohemian grove party details) to study. While he's got it in for Gillard's "Thief" in rusty armor, we'll keep him bookmarked.

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