Plague In Australia: Frank Lowy

(AustraliaMatters) I was sent a heads up article (thanks PB) about a dual Israeli-Australian (cough) and others that pull the puppet strings of our so called Australian politicians. Before I link to that brilliant article, I’d like to share a chilling quote that I believe fits a certain Mr Frank Lowy, down to the last […] […]

New world order: Australia at heart of power base

(OptusZoo) US President Barack Obama will use troop withdrawals in Iraq and Afghanistan to bolster forces in the Asia-Pacific – the strongest sign yet that Australia will be at the centre of a new world order. President Obama addresses Parliament. We’re here to stay: Obama confirms US presence Their special relationship – the audacity of grope […] […]


(AustraliaMatters) Viagra for Rothschild bankers is hearing their own treasonous term “new world order” being preached to the gentiles from the pulpit of kosher presenters. ABC’s Alan Kohler on the ‘Inside Business’ program recently dropped their arousing phrase twice in 95 seconds. BUT, February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg [bankster] confidently declared to the United States Senate: […] […]

Bilderberg 2011: Full Official Attendee List

( Thanks to the fantastic work of Bilderberg activists, journalists and the Swiss media, we have now been able to obtain the full official list of 2011 Bilderberg attendees. Routinely, some members request that their names be kept off the roster so there will be additional Bilderbergers in attendance. Read more

No known attendees from Australia, Japan or Russia are mentioned. Although China, America and most other countries sent a Rothschild boot licker along. The official attendee list is here

Poll: Bilderberg 2011 attendee list only contains foreign powers–what does that mean for Australia?

related: Waco child killer Hillary Clinton wants to run the World Bank


Political Rock Stars Hide Like Cowards: Meet The 2011 Bilderberg Group

( Europe Marches on Bilderberg Tyrants. On Saturday, June 11, activists from across Europe will converge on St. Moritz, Switzerland, and take an urgent message to the globalists now meeting behind closed doors to plot our collective futures – we stand united in our opposition to your plan to drive humanity into slavery by wrecking national economies, undermining national sovereignty, and striving to implement through the IMF a one-world currency and an authoritarian world government with a high-tech police state to enforce its mandates formulated in secret. Read more

Kevin Rudd’s war criminal mate Henry Kissinger is feeling the heat–Swiss officials want to arrest Kissinger.


Big Brother gongs go out for privacy wrongs

(SMH) TWENTY-SEVEN years ago the world envisaged by George Orwell seemed far-fetched. But when the Privacy Foundation announced its Big Brother Awards for this year, the range of contenders would probably have made Orwell proud. ”We already have Newspeak, we’ve got TV which at the moment doesn’t look at us, but that’s not far off. There’s two-way communication on the streets … There’s GPS,” said Julie Cameron, co-ordinator of the awards. The foundation’s spoof awards for privacy intruders seek to draw attention to privacy invasions.This year’s winners include Facebook (worst corporate invader), airport body scanners (most invasive technology) and Google’s previous chief executive Eric Schmidt who said Street View’s data collection had caused ”no harm” (boot in the mouth award). Read more

Cue the Mastercard music — Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reporting “Newspeak” manipulation awards? Priceless!