Gas BOOM (1 of 3 )

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"The Worlds largest Aquifer is being polluted and destroyed by Large Mining Companies , While the Australian Gov' stops farmers from farming parts of their own land.! " IDFAFALCON Researcher, video producer and friend of AustraliaMatters

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Sydney’s secret power grab

(SMH) SYDNEY'S central business district will be powered by gas mined from below the city under an audacious plan being considered by the City of Sydney and lord mayor Clover Moore. […] The plan to extract ''indigenous'' gas from under Australia's most populated area of land is being kept a closely guarded secret, with inner-west residents completely unaware of the prospect of a gas mine in their neighbourhood. Not even the Greens-led Marrickville Council, covering parts of St Peters, was aware of the scheme. read more

Even the lord mayor of Sydney is kept in the dark regarding important matters? That's an in you're face red flag wake up call. Stand up, wake up sheeple zombies.