China ‘has Australia space tracking station’

(AFP) HONG KONG — China has acquired a space tracking station in Australia, its first such facility in a close US ally, a news report said on Saturday. The station in remote Dongara, about 350 kilometres (217 miles) north of Perth in western Australia, was used during Tuesday’s launch of the Shenzhou VIII mission, Hong Kong […] […]

Traitors In Our Midst: Bob Brown


(AustraliaMatters) Show people the law–show people the real Bob Brown!! Brown’s so called one world parliament plan is a 50 year old scam pushed by Henry Kissinger and foreign banksters that have thier hands up Browns backside. learn more

Larger poster size here or the Photoshop file here

In case you missed it, Brown advocates for one world parliament”


Australia to be port of call for Chinese navy

gillards_commie_army.jpg (SMH) CHINESE warships could be heading to Australian ports this year after the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, took “a few small steps” towards military transparency and co-operation with President Hu Jintao. read more

What will the Americans think about Australia boot licking commies? Remember all the stink we Australians kicked up when American nuclear submarines etc wanted to port in Australia? Oddly the SMH article doesn’t mention if the red chicom communist war ships have weapons of mass destruction onboard or not. Vote in our poll here


EU President declares that nation states are dead.

G20 Gillard and Rompuy

EU President declares that nation states are dead.

Will PM Julia Gillard stand up for Nation State Australia and tell that EU twit (who no one voted for) to buzz off? No of course not. Julia is a puppet for the same G20 NWO system trashing nation states.