Swan-RBA “Upbeat” About Economy While Rothschilds Bets Millions On Collapse

(Australiamatters) Que the twilight zone music. Three Jewish billionaires Jacob Rothschild, John Paulson and George Soros are betting millions on a coming financial disaster. Meanwhile Australian Treasurer comrade Wayne Swan and the RBA are “upbeat” about the Australian economy that’s floating on a $300 billion Chicom credit card. If the Australian economy was “upbeat” another […] […]

Treasurer Wayne Swan raises government’s borrowing limit to $250bn

(TheAustralian) THE Government has blamed Australia’s summer of disasters for its move to raise the cap on government debt by $50 billion. As Treasurer Wayne Swan was congratulated by colleagues after Tuesday’s budget speech, Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten introduced draft laws allowing the government to increase the amount it can borrow from $200 billion to $250 billion. The proposed legislation would also remove a requirement that the Treasurer explain why the extra money is needed. Read more

Yeah, why should the hired help “explain” too we the Australian bosses why we, our children and country have been taken down to the communist China pawn brokers to the tune of $250 billion, plus interest. Who needs Section 51 of the Australian Constitution anyway. All hail dear debt leader, Wayne Swan.