‘Child porn’ Nintendo game gets PG rating

(ABC NEWS) A Nintendo game that was pulled from sale in Europe over child pornography concerns is on sale in Australia with a PG rating. Dead Or Alive: Dimensions, a Nintendo 3DS game, is the latest edition to the Manga cartoon-style combat series famous for big-breasted female fighters whose outfits leave little to the imagination. Read more

Meanwhile Senator Stephen Conroy is worried about what 40 year old’s like me do on the internet. Don’t tell him, but I watch political porn. It’s where the fabian socialist controlled government screws Australia.


Mate’s rates: the friendships bought by the hour

(SMH) In Japan, an agency called Hagemashi-tai – meaning ”We want to cheer you up” – supplies clients with adult actors to impersonate blood relations, like a trial husband to leave towels on a bathroom floor, to help people practising for coming marriages. And in the United States, a growing industry of ”baby planners” helps mothers-to-be with everything from choosing the perfect moniker for their unborn child to fitting their car with a baby capsule. Now, the trend has hit Sydney. Read more

Renting friends? The country is going to hell in a morally declined hand basket.