Heiner Affair: Carmody Says Labor Covered Up Child Sex, PM To Be Charged

(Polliter) The Heiner Affair has been etched into the Australian psyche: it involves allegations of criminal conduct at the highest levels of Australian government, even Constitutional stewardship. Caught in the nebulous orbit of the nefarious matter sits successive Queensland Premiers, Chief Justices, a serving Prime Minister and a serving Governor-General. The latter two being the […] […]

Rudd’s Mate: Barry Obama

(AustraliaMatters) Today we learn comrade Rudd’s hiring US propagandists to smear his supposed opposition. Guess who’s paying the bill? Is this lawful? Who’s paying the bill? On the up side, this smacks of an abundance of morals in Australia. If we had scum in Australia with no morals, then Rudd wouldn’t be looking abroad to […] […]

Rudd Gillard Rothschild Kiss of Australian Death

(AustraliaMatters) Seriously, have you seen anything more disgusting in your life time? Rothschilds are no where to be seen as carbon puppets Gillard and Rudd swap spit on our Parliamentary floor. Get a room for Christ’s sake. All the opposition could do is sit and laugh. Yeah it was real #$%#@!@ funny having that carbon […] […]

Rudd calls for inspections of Israel’s nuclear facility

(TheAustralian) FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd has arrived in Israel with a blunt message: allow international inspectors into your nuclear facility. He has also called on Israel to stop building in Jewish settlements in both the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In an interview with The Australian before he arrived in Israel last night, Mr Rudd staked out strong positions on both issues. read more

Wow, we have a new found respect for comrade kRudd. You supposedly need big nuts to speak about Israeli's nuclear weapons program, let alone "call" for inspections of it. Keep your life insurance updated comrade Kevin.

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