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"The Worlds largest Aquifer is being polluted and destroyed by Large Mining Companies , While the Australian Gov' stops farmers from farming parts of their own land.! " IDFAFALCON Researcher, video producer and friend of AustraliaMatters

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Should farmers on the Darling Downs lock out coal seam gas miners?

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Farmers on the Darling Downs to lock gates against coal seam gas miners

(CourierMail) HUNDREDS of farmers in southeast Queensland have vowed to lock their gates to keep coal and gas explorers at bay. Representatives of eight farmers' and residents' organisations joined Friends of the Earth outside the Queensland parliament on Monday to launch the Lock the Gate campaign. They are opposed to miners' plans for up to 40,000 coal seam gas (CSG) wells and massive new coal mines on the rich agricultural lands of the Darling Downs. The farmers say that in the short term, mining companies, protected by state legislation, have extraordinary rights to enter land for exploration and mining, disrupting farm operations. read more

It seems like the plan is to mine the heck out of Australia, sending our resources over to fuel the new world order Chinese communist Empire. Coal doesn't taste very nice so you'll see us becoming more dependent on foreign nations for dinner. If we're lucky mummy China will send us their yummie healthy (sarcasm) food.