Review: Just Say No 2 GMO

(AustraliaMatters) Ow come now girls, what’s wrong with two-headed fish in Queensland, or Australian’s used as GMO lab rats by the CSIRO–the same CSIRO run by a former Rothschilds bankster? Yeah sure anti-GMO protesters gathered at the steps of Parliament House recently, but what would they know. We love and trust the international GMO regulators […] […]

GM wheat trial begins amid secrecy

(SMH) AUSTRALIA’S first trial of genetically modified wheat and barley has begun near Narrabri in NSW, with the ultimate goal of producing more nutritious bread. Read more

Big brother’s concerned about nutrition in wheat? God screw up again? This reminds us of the man god Bill Gates worrying about an “over populated” planet, then one minute later pushing medical injections to supposedly improve human health. How much of this crap do we put up with before grabbing the pitch forks? Maybe our Lord’s will start putting lithium in drinking water to calm us all down? Animals reject GMO frankin foods so why the hell should humans eat it? Figure it out while you can still think.


Organic farmer to sue over GM contamination

farmer_steven_marsh.jpg(ABCNEWS) An organic farmer in the Great Southern says he will sue the owner of a neighbouring farm, after being stripped of his organic certification because genetically modified canola was found on his property. Kojonup farmer Steven Marsh alleges the GM material blew in from a neighbouring property belonging to Michael Baxter. Mr Marsh says he will lose a significant amount of income without his organic certification. "Clearly I'm facing losses because I've lost my premiums on those crops and products I produce," he said. "How long those seeds are going to be in that ground and viable now because they are just everywhere, we've got to ascertain." He says he has been left with no option but to take legal action. read more

Sadly with the foreign Jewish founded Monsanto family mega corporation looming on the horizon, these matters never go to well for the organic farmers that don't want to bend a knee to the same family company that used to buy and sell human slaves. Canadian organic canola farmer Percy Schmeiser and many others know Mr Marsh's coming plight all to well.