No Carbon Tax Rally – 09/07/11 Sydney – Christopher Monckton

PART 2 | PART 3 Videos by our YouTube friend philwarinsky […]

SMH: Rothschild Gate Keepers?

(AustraliaMatters) Using my web browser word “Find” function (ctrl-f) on 170+ public comments posted on the Sydney Morning Herald article titled “It’s the deal she can’t seal” returned zero results on “rothschilds” or “e3 international”–so guess what? I posted a reply, but as I type here my post penned at 12pm under the name “Australia […] […]

Juliar confronted over Carbon Tax ‘lies’

(DailyTelegraph) Climate of fear is scaring the kids […] The great fear of this age is that nature herself, tormented by humankind’s exploitation, would eventually turn upon us. As The Daily Telegraph reports, there would not be a school student anywhere in the nation who has not been subject to alarming visions of a superheated […] […]

Organised crime rorting risk test for green schemes

(The Australian) A DETAILED risk assessment of Australian greenhouse programs will be undertaken, amid concerns they could be rorted by organised criminals. Following a spate of overseas scams, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet recently called for an urgent briefing on the risks of carbon fraud in relation to the government’s greenhouse registries and its planned Carbon Farming Initiative. Read more

The Rothschild money changing family whom helped fund BOTH sides of wars last century killing 200+ million, are now wanting to be our Australian “E3 INTERNATIONAL” carbon tax banksters.

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Warning of power bills to double within six years

(SMH) One of Australia’s largest home and business electricity suppliers, TRUenergy, has warned that household power bills will double in six years after a carbon price is introduced and uncertainty over its implementation might lead to power shortages. Read more

Power grid privateer former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally will be well out off sight by the time people grow a pair and take on the new bird cage liners over this matter.