Who Owns Australian Government Debt?

(Daily Reckoning) Did you see the bit in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review about who owns Australian government debt? […] If you’re a debt optimist, these figures show that there’s plenty of demand for Australian debt. If you’re a debt pessimist, these figures show that Australia owes foreigners a lot more money now than it did […] […]

Origins: Communism & Socialism

(AustraliaMatters) My new favourite quote from a former US Green Beret called Bo Gritz goes something like this… “Communists are socialists in a hurry” Those that know of the Fabians and their slow approach to changing the planet nearer to their black hearts desires might get a chuckle out of that. “Socialists” like Gillard, are described in the […] […]

Chinese mine giant snaps up 43 NSW farms

(TheAustralian) A CHINESE government-controlled mining giant has spent $213 million buying up 43 farms so it can explore for coal outside the NSW township of Gunnedah. The mining boom has triggered an overnight property boom for the rural community 500km northwest of Sydney. A NSW title search reveals that Shenhua Watermark Coal carried out a two-year spending spree in 2009 and 2010, making some of the sellers instant millionaires. Read more

Makes my blood boil when Australian nationals sell Sovereign land to commie foreigners–but the so called government allows it to happen.

related: 2003 Iraq is invaded. 2011 China moves in for the oil.

related: John Howard says Iraq was about the oil.


The History of Political Correctness

Part 2 | Part 3

This video shows how Marxism was behind the creation of political correctness. It was made by The Free Congress Foundation. www.freecongress.org. It may be watched in one complete video here


Chinese Government buying up our farms, says Senator Bill Heffernan

(DailyTelegraph) THE Chinese Government is buying Australian farms to directly feed its population, a senior Liberal said on the eve of a visit by a top Bejing official. The purchases were unmonitored and did not have to be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board, Senator Bill Heffernan told Parliament. “And the distortion that has occurred in the Sydney home market because of being off the FIRB’s radar … could happen with agricultural land,” Senator Heffernan said.” Read more

This news is 12 months old, but still relevant one year on. We read elsewhere that the bought up Australian farms will only have Chinese workers on them. Christians have to hire devil worshipers for secretarial jobs etc or risk being fined, yet Australian’s can’t work on chicom farms in Australia? This needs to be challenged at the employee level. If Australian land (and water) must be given for foreign use, then only short term lease with option to cancel should Australian food hardship shortages arise.


Treasurer Wayne Swan raises government’s borrowing limit to $250bn

(TheAustralian) THE Government has blamed Australia’s summer of disasters for its move to raise the cap on government debt by $50 billion. As Treasurer Wayne Swan was congratulated by colleagues after Tuesday’s budget speech, Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten introduced draft laws allowing the government to increase the amount it can borrow from $200 billion to $250 billion. The proposed legislation would also remove a requirement that the Treasurer explain why the extra money is needed. Read more

Yeah, why should the hired help “explain” too we the Australian bosses why we, our children and country have been taken down to the communist China pawn brokers to the tune of $250 billion, plus interest. Who needs Section 51 of the Australian Constitution anyway. All hail dear debt leader, Wayne Swan.


The art of setting up home for diddly-squat

(SMH) With more than 120,000 unoccupied homes in the city and a housing crisis, it’s no wonder squatting is thriving, writes Erik Jensen. The best place was probably in Northbridge, living in the pylon of a suspension bridge overhanging Tunks Park. It lasted half-a-year before Ashwyn Falkingham and his fellow squatters were thrown out. […] According to people involved in community law and rental advocacy, squatting has changed a good deal in the past few decades. It is not the domain of the truly disenfranchised, they say, as it is too unstable for these people. ”In the ’70s, squatting was very political,” one said. “Now it’s, well, very middle class.” Read more

The middle class are taking to trespass squatting? The 10 planks of communism, whoops socialism, plan to remove the middle class have come along further than we thought.


Australia to be port of call for Chinese navy

gillards_commie_army.jpg (SMH) CHINESE warships could be heading to Australian ports this year after the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, took “a few small steps” towards military transparency and co-operation with President Hu Jintao. read more

What will the Americans think about Australia boot licking commies? Remember all the stink we Australians kicked up when American nuclear submarines etc wanted to port in Australia? Oddly the SMH article doesn’t mention if the red chicom communist war ships have weapons of mass destruction onboard or not. Vote in our poll here