Review: Go Back To Where You Came From

(AustraliaMatters) You’ll find chicken teeth around here before you find a working TV set, thus we missed the documentary SBS aired recently called “Go Back To Where You Came From”. I watched all three episodes online last night. Those that missed it, six Australian’s with very very different view points regarding ‘back door immigration’ were […] […]

Half of World’s Refugees are Running From US Wars

(TheEconomist) America’s wars continue to account for many of the world’s refugees: 4.7m originate from Iraq and Afghanistan, almost half the world’s total, according to the UNHCR’s annual report. Read more

Shhh, don’t tell the guys over at the APP. It might spoil their fun only focusing on the effects rather than also the cause.


Afghans risk life and limb traveling dangerous oceans in unsafe boats because….?

* Their homes, livelihoods and families were bombed to hell by our allied troops. * They got sick of watching our allied troops turn a blind eye to the heroin poppy fields flourishing after 2001. * They wanted to move into Indonesia with their loving Muslim brothers and sisters, but they were kicked out. * Front door immigration queues behind Indian, Kiwi and Chinese immigrates is too long. * To plot "terror attacks" on Australia. * They learnt from WW2 european Jews that illegally immigrating into foreign countries is OK. […]