Samsung Admits Private Conversations Being Sent to Internet Server

(Infowars) Infowars first reported on the issue three months ago in November, but the story went viral over the weekend after being picked up by numerous technology websites. The controversy stems from Samsung’s global privacy policy, which advises users to, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information […] […]

Computer Hackers Show Off New Digital Car Attacks

(AustraliaMatters) The incremental big brother control grid comes in all shapes and forms. Many pay with thier own money to be apart of the grid. Why anyone would want to drive around in a late model computer, errr, car is beyond us. We’ll stick with our old FJ Holden. […]

Big Brother gongs go out for privacy wrongs

(SMH) TWENTY-SEVEN years ago the world envisaged by George Orwell seemed far-fetched. But when the Privacy Foundation announced its Big Brother Awards for this year, the range of contenders would probably have made Orwell proud. ”We already have Newspeak, we’ve got TV which at the moment doesn’t look at us, but that’s not far off. There’s two-way communication on the streets … There’s GPS,” said Julie Cameron, co-ordinator of the awards. The foundation’s spoof awards for privacy intruders seek to draw attention to privacy invasions.This year’s winners include Facebook (worst corporate invader), airport body scanners (most invasive technology) and Google’s previous chief executive Eric Schmidt who said Street View’s data collection had caused ”no harm” (boot in the mouth award). Read more

Cue the Mastercard music — Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reporting “Newspeak” manipulation awards? Priceless!


Security Concerns Raised Over Google Chromebooks

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Demo: Cloning a Verichip Yourself

Clone Verichips(Jonathan Westhues) I used a relatively sophisticated piece of electronics to clone a Verichip. This made things trivially easy. Even though I had never seen a Verichip before in my life, I just had to write a hundred lines of code; but because I used my proxmarkii, I’ve heard claims that it is impossible to talk to a Verichip without expensive equipment. I therefore wanted an inexpensive cloner, with decent read range and a simple user interface. It should be easy to build, and it should not require a PC to operate. This will make it easy for anyone to clone a Verichip themself, without spending a lot of money. It’s also a neat demonstration of just how much a low-end microcontroller’s peripherals can be twisted to do. read more

This skill needs to be copied by as many people as possible as it will render the “new world order” cash-less society agenda to use these chips in humans, a waste of time.


Accurate 1993 predictions from AT&T “You Will” Ads

(AustraliaMatters) This was 18 years ago — Computers in 1993 were running primitive Windows 3.1 So called "elite" (usury banksters) are also wanting a cashless society whereby the global sheeple are implanted with computer microchips to be better tracked and traced with the same AT&T like computing technologies. Below are two comments we like on the YouTube channel where this video is hosted…

"Have you ever been trapped in a multi-year contract that promises you unlimited data transfer, but later get your bandwidth capped? You will. And the company that will bring it to you? AT&T."

The next comment says it all about these wonderful big brother companies…

"Have you ever had your phone company participate in a criminal conspiracy to let the government spy on your phone calls without a warrant? You will."



A book written in 1954 about future society overseen by “big brother” called “1984” was made into this movie. “Big brother” uses the lie of consistant global warfare to instill fear into the population keeping them in check. Those that figure out “big brother” is nothing more than a lie are deemed “thought criminals” and are dealt with servilely. Only a few years ago this film was regarded as an extreme view of a horrible future. Sadly, with all the police state goings on here and abroad, today in 2010 this film is starting to look mild. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? […]