Guilt By Association? Do as I Say, Not as I Abbott!

(AustraliaMatters) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s buddy President Barack Hussein Obama has finally admitted his “democratic” American country carriers out torture on human beings. Gee, and here we were thinking Gitmo was a five star luxury resort for kidnapped goat herders. When Iraq’s former leader Saddam Hussein was accused of torturing humans — the Australian Howard govermnet […] […]

Abbott’s First Flip Flop: Syria

(AustraliaMatters) That clown Abbott on this day September 12, 2013 hasn’t even been sworn in as PM yet, yet he’s looking to flip flop on the Syrian invasion Obama (Israels puppet) has been pushing for. If Syria gets attacked, Russia and China will defend them. In layman’s terms, a Syrian invasion would be a trigger […] […]

New world order: Australia at heart of power base

(OptusZoo) US President Barack Obama will use troop withdrawals in Iraq and Afghanistan to bolster forces in the Asia-Pacific – the strongest sign yet that Australia will be at the centre of a new world order. President Obama addresses Parliament. We’re here to stay: Obama confirms US presence Their special relationship – the audacity of grope […] […]