Australia suspends live cattle trade to Indonesia

(BBC) The Australian government has suspended the live export of cattle to 11 abattoirs in Indonesia, after a TV documentary showed brutal treatment of animals at the facilities. The footage, broadcast on ABC, showed cattle being flogged and taking minutes to die after their necks were slashed. Read more

We’ve never liked the Indonesian government. The so called Australian govermnet let them get away with slaughtering innocent East Timorese people, yet we sit back and OK an Australian girl being locked up over some grass that never killed anyone?


Oi Aussie Shoppers

enlightened Cool idea we seen while poking around They have an iPhone "APP" application coming out that'll make it easier for Australian economy supporters to push their trolleys past communist made crap and zero in on good Australian made products. We're not making one single cent from this shopping application tip and have no idea if even knows or cares about this website. When we see a good thing we like to share info with our friends for free. If you have an iPhone (iPad should work as well) and like buying Australian made products you can check out their idea here.

03/02/11 Update: Android phones as well. (see comments)