Q&A furore: It’s your ABC of jihad

(CourierMail) THE ABC has been told to “have a long, hard look at ­itself” and decide “whose side are you on” by a furious Prime Minister after it invited a terrorist sympathiser on to its Q&A show […] MORE THAN 15 SECONDS OF FAME — THIS IS THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF ZAKY MALLAH 1984: Zaky Mallah was […] […]


(AustraliaMatters) Viagra for Rothschild bankers is hearing their own treasonous term “new world order” being preached to the gentiles from the pulpit of kosher presenters. ABC’s Alan Kohler on the ‘Inside Business’ program recently dropped their arousing phrase twice in 95 seconds. BUT, February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg [bankster] confidently declared to the United States Senate: […] […]