Stick to politics, PM [Rudd] tells Abbott

(SMH) Opposition Leader Tony Abbott should stick to the business of providing political direction rather than personal advice, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says. […] When asked [by the Australian Women’s Weekly] about sex before marriage, the father of three daughters said women should not give away their virginity too lightly.He has since clarified his comments saying it was fatherly advice rather than an instruction to the wider world. Asked on Friday if he agreed with Mr Abbott’s comments, the prime minister said: "Absolutely not!" read more

It was The Australian Women’s Weekly that asked the question — Why aren’t they getting into trouble for not asking Abbott about "climategate" and the coming commie internet filters? So called "Catholic" Rudd’s religion stipulates he is to be pro-marriage, yet he’s  defending promiscuity? Absolutely so!!  The so called ‘elite minds’ behind the kosher nwo rubbish want the Christian like family units flushed down the history bin. You don’t have to be into religion too see from this matter, Rudd’s true core values.