State Government committee recommends police child frisk measures

Smiley Got A Gun -- Today's Children Get Groped

(Couriermail) POLICE will be granted the power to frisk teenagers or children for alcohol after a State Government committee recommended the new powers be passed as law. The Queensland Police Service pushed for its scope under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act to be widened to include a “pat down” of young people who were suspected of carrying alcohol in May this year. Read more

Editors note: Australian children used to be allowed to take guns into public schools. Where did we go wrong since then? I lay the blame squarely on the idiot box that brought us all those “programs” from America’s unkosher Hollywood. More lately, we have recreation centres like skating rings, footy clubs and drive-ins closing down because they can’t afford the new age insurance to stay open.

Problem-reaction-solution. Program silly ideals and morals into our once G-d fearing children like Smiley– they take the bait, get drunk, then the state comes along with their “legal” solution. They get “power” to control and fondle the children.

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