Spread A Little Love Around

(AustraliaMatters) This post was added to prove this is not a NKVD KGB Gillard sanctioned groveling “news” site. NKVD and KGB corrupted “news” sites would never place pro friend and family orientated love songs on their front pages.  This song is by a yankie (yeah I know, Darwin military base, etc.) called Ricky Skaggs that just happened to be playing on the Bluegrass ShoutCast channel while I was proof reading the prior post. His lyrics “Sometimes this crazy world can make us all feel bad. I sit and watch the news, and just get mad..” hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckly for me someone had added it on YouTube. I was reaching for the tissues by the end of this music video. Fancy a grown man tearing up over a silly love song. 😉

  • Verbewarp

    I am truly impressed; a wonderful post… I am starting to feel the hope.


  • aussierod

    “starting to feel the hope”. LOL, well there’s some sunshine.